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    • 麻煩跟我講這些英文單字英翻中給15點

      ...all over), 四周(=all around), 到處(=in all directions), 使成為(=make), 變成(=become) beach*n. 海灘, 湖灘, 河灘 bear*n. 熊; v. 忍受, 負荷, 產生, 懷有, 使跌價, 結果實...

    • 我的文法有些問題...請教高手

      當活動結束時海灘成了垃圾場 The beach became a garbage dump when the activity ended. 主句動詞 environment protection well when we leave the beach. Remember+不定詞比用’that&rsquo...

    • 現在完成式 has become

      ... States, taking a nap on the beach. 題目 has seen 錯,但我們知道他要考感官...) 3. "Facebook" now has become the most popular network for people to ..... 用現在完成式表示...