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      ...there for a long ride, he does get lonely and a bit jealous of her passion for the sport. It was...ride once and a loser ran into him at the amusement park. Usually his personality is...

    • 一些英文句子的問題...幫忙改一下錯吧...非常急

      1.我稍微會一點吉他 I can play the guitar a little bit. 2.我平時會讀一些文學作品 I read some literature in...作文和拼字比賽 I participated in the contest of English composition and spelling. 4. 對 用...

    • 英文作文問題(限英文高手)

      ...picture, I can see two pupils. The gril seems to be a bit other than the boy, so I guess she is older. Both of them are playing video games(PS2?)in the ...