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    • 徵求看過"波西傑克森~神火之賊"的人

      ...of average in average out, managed a rather solid bit of fun here, and one that should not be called out lightly... trouble with analyzing the flaws of the thing is twofold really. First, I...

    • 幫我翻譯一下英文句子(勿用翻譯機)

      ... a great sense of humor. A:她很個性很幽默。 5.She's a bit of a pain sometimes. A:她有時候會很難相處。 6.She's great fun. A: [這句話在很多種不同的情況下會有不同的意思] 她個性很好笑...

    • fun和funny有什麼不同??<<詳細解說>>

      ...快樂的, 有樂趣的. There are lots of fun things for young people to do here. 3. funny 作形容詞 get funny with me! (不尊敬的) I feel a bit funny today—I don't think I'll go...