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    • 為增光輝而將鑽石刻成約六十面體的切法
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    • 珠寶切面英文翻中文???

      您好:如有錯誤,請不吝指正!! American brilliant cut:美國多面車工 Brabant rose cut:伯雷斑玫瑰...型車工 zircon cut:鋯石型 2007-09-21 19:47:23 補充: 更正: brilliant cut多面型,理想型車工

    • 請問tall poppy syndrome的中譯為何比較恰當

      ...the "tall poppy syndrome" i.e., it is the tall poppy that gets cut off, illustrating this, a teenager reported that after a brilliant ride on his surf board, he had to say to his buddies...

    • 這段英文我翻不出來,想請精通英文的您幫忙 much further, which showed just how completely mad and brilliant Alan Moore was in writing that... to stray off-topic and we decided to cut it. 雖然如此,我的教授和我最後都同意這個部分的論點...