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    • How to say\”炒股票\”and\”炒地皮\”?

      [I, Ipr] ~ (in sth) buy and sell goods or stocks and shares in the hope of making a...speculate 2) 投機者; 投機商. speculative as a speculation(2) 投機的; 投機生意的: speculative buying of grain 投機購買穀物 * speculative housing 投機性營造房屋. 2010-03-01 17...

    • 關係代名詞的問題

      ...和that中間。翻譯時,通常翻成「是...的」。 It is many people that buy and sell things on the website.(在網路上買賣東西是很多人的。) 強調不是很少人...

    • 追高殺低的英文如何翻,謝謝!

      不要想得太複雜,「追高殺低」的英文很簡單,就是「buy high and sell low」,你可以看看下面這篇文章: The old stock market saying &ldquo...