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    • 請問這句cues and clue是在表達什麼?

      ... opinion formers, will pick up their cues and clues about your brand from a whole range of...許多因素影響的。 So where is it in the supermarket? 貴公司的產品在超級市場裡擺放...

    • 請問這三題的英文文法

      1.Up to the 1970s, there was a predominate assumption that...procedure is a problem-solving exercise in which the students have to exploit linguistic clues not only in the linguistic context but also in the ...

    • 問一部義大利恐怖片的劇情

      ...investigate on his own, 從幾個線索開始,指出了只有一個可能的 turning up several clues that point in the 疑點---就是假設他確實知道兇手要的是什麼 direction of just one possible suspect...