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    • 可以幫我翻譯這兩篇CNN的新聞嗎?

      沒有其他事情 可以和以下的事相比:幫你小孩買個要價60美金的(電視或電腦)遊戲 然後他/她只消幾小時就完全玩透. 那就有如直接把辛苦賺來的錢直接丟到發臭的垃圾堆裡. 當青少年或大專學生花時間研讀電玩的秘笈 大概是家長最難熬的時間: 許多小孩都想要自電影或電視影集改編的電玩...

    • 關於英文翻譯的問題?請各位英文高手(大大)幫忙^^

      ...sketch, watercolor and oil painting's wait for category, its output product... aeriform as deepen inquire into, discuss as mosaic result is for springboard; first of all dispart three group of difference hui a section calligraphy, face and scenery's picture's each's 10,000...

    • 徵求翻譯-中翻英

      ... appreciating with enthusiasm, evil spirit's shadow decides to disregard all cost, look after and guide Chris court with beautiful young looks into a chief soprano. But, release from the love of the music in the spiritual aspect at first, but transform and become strong occupying wanting...