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    • Keep on and Continue

      .... Example: I kept on studying throughout the night. So in the above...that was done throughout the night repeatedly. Continue implies that there was a interruption or break...

    • 關於Gerund&infinitive的運用

      continue/ go on/ keep + Ving 持續相同的動作 play a role in sth在sth 中扮演...更安全的這個課題上,家長應持續扮演一個關鍵的角色. 進階補充: continue/ go on + to V: 相同動作,不同主題 After talking...

    • 請教文法Please click on any link

      ...在你權力上,你可以控告他。 Please click on any link (on the right) to continue. 用 on the right可能會令人產生誤解,究竟是右邊還是權力?用to the right就不會困擾...