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    • [英文]短文翻譯~~ 請幫我修正

      ... a story about a little boy who was fond of drawing. One day, he accidentally found a piece of...suddenly a colorful bird showed up and led him into his father's inner-world. While ...

    • 請專家幫我英文填充,整句翻譯.

      ...everybody knows his face. 可填famous 或well-know 譯:... little boy can't go into the bar. He's too... are so good ___________drawing ! 填:at 譯:你好擅長畫畫唷 2...

    • 英文段落填空的考題

      ...倒裝 變成 Never will I do it. 本題之句子本身沒有be動詞或助動詞 因而 not only 前置後 因為 drew 是過去式 要用 do 的過去式 did來幫忙構成結構完整的倒裝句 第 10 題 "so" pretty "that...