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    • 副詞子句何時要加與不加逗點?

      ... can be short or long, because lack of variety is wearying and may drive you to distraction. 2012-04-13 02:22:57 補充: 不好意思 第二個例子的because忘了改大寫>

    • 外語能力很強的請進

      ...心情崇愛妳,請妳當我的情人吧! My love at the bottom of my heart drove me to distraction, please marry me. 最後這句 - 我心中對妳的愛令我發狂,請妳嫁給我吧...

    • 英文寫作-文法修正

      ... been proven to be a big distraction to the society. It has shown the drivers who talk over the phone while driving. Their concentrations on the road...