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    • what's mean about ”Block off

      ... extent of the spill and degree of hazard. Block off the area. 此物質溢出了, 超出外溢的限度與危險的程度...是抄漏了exceeding. 2010-04-11 13:43:50 補充: Even if the context doesn't have "exceeding"...

    • The town is five miles off.

      ...當介係詞使用, 與…相距, 如 The river is two miles off the road 河流離開道路兩英里之遠 2009-07-01 19:16:06 補充: 可以, 如 : 1. also, very, even, just, only, not, nearly, especially, exactly, simply, rather, quite等。 Even a girl...

    • When used for switching off如何翻

      當用於關閉爐子時,開關按鈕應比其他功能按鈕或控制鎖優先使用。 used for 使用於