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  1. even out

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    • 1. 變得平坦或穩定 The path ran steeply up the hill and then evened out. 這條路很陡, 到山上就平坦了。 House prices keep rising and falling but they will eventually even out. 房價有漲有落, 但終會穩定的。
    • ph.
      將某事物平均分散到某段時間或分配給每個人 Payments can be evened out on a monthly basis over the year. 全部款項可以在一年中按月平均交納。 The manager tried to even out the distribution of work among his employees. 經理把工作盡量平均分配給僱員。
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    • vi.
      變均衡; 變平均
    • vt.
      使…均衡; 平均分配
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