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  1. only to be expected

    • ph.
      可能發生; 相當正常
    • 釋義


    • 1. 可能發生; 相當正常 A little tiredness after taking these drugs is only to be expected. 服下這些藥後會有些疲倦。 It is only to be expected your son will leave home eventually. 兒子總歸要離開家的, 這種事很難免。
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    • expecting加for有差嗎?

      expect(vi) + for …… expect:vi. 不及物動詞 1. 預計 例. to expect to do sth. 預計會做某事  例. I outer or an inner surface of the bulb facing to a filament expect for a tip side of the bulb.赤外線反射膜9は...

    • expected to 翻譯語用法

      I expected to have a vacation on.., but... 我(當時)預計在..會有個假期,但...表達目前算計著可能會有個假期落在三月,可做以下表達: I expect to have a vacation in March, and I wonder if you mind if...

    • We expected to win the game. 的

      We expected to win the game. 為什麼expect 要加ed. 可以不加嗎 >>>不行。這句話的意思 arrive on time. 他沒有準時到達 。可以寫成 He doesn’t has to arrive on time.嗎? >>>完全不可以。He failed to arrive on...