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    • 這幾天的英文新聞 10點

      ..., the self-entitled “Dear Leader” was feted with a synchronized swimming performance called “Eternal...

    • 想請大家幫我中翻英^^~~感激在感激~~謝謝

      ...very cold that it one day rains. I participated in the garden fete of junior middle school of their Jinhua on March 12 with my classmate that day, that day was even my classmates...

    • 簡單??英文句子翻譯??XDD

      ...s excellent cue, very lovely oh. 4.It was found in the garden fete by me. 5.I see it at one glance, aroused in interest . 6.I still beat the price down with learnt the elder sister , have saved 45 yuan. 7.It can regard...