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  1. straight from the horse's mouth

    • ph.
      直接從可靠來源得來的; 第一手的
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    • 1. 直接從可靠來源得來的; 第一手的 Believe me; I got the news straight from the horse's mouth. 相信我, 我是直接從可靠來源得知這消息的。
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    • ph.
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    • 求!「馬」-英文俚語 (15)

      1.straight from the horse's mouth. 來自最權威的(訊息,來源...) like a horse. 食量驚人...before the horse. 顛三倒四 (把拖車擺到馬的前方,怎麼拖?) 6.from the horse's mouth. 參考 1. 7.hold one's horses. 稍安毋躁 (類似...

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      ... this, "Don't quote me on it, I got it straight from the horse's mouth." Literal meaning that whatever you just mentioned to other...

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      ...翹辮子;死了 your heels              久等3.straight from the horse's mouth     來自權威和可靠的消息4.neck and neck...