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    get a bang out of

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    • 單字 BANG 是啥意思 ?!

      ...爆炸了。勁兒,活力[S]【美】【口】刺激,快感,樂趣[S]He got a bang out of basketball.他從籃球運動中得到樂趣。【口】巨大影響,轟動ad. (副詞 adverb)砰地...

    • 請問「越失敗越成功」英文怎麼講? 2013-01-18 20:49:36 補充: Serious? Hardly, I always get a bang out of teasing little Prissy, and vice versa, that is our way...

    • 有關於語言學的某一段...幫我解查

      ...small round drum you will get a different sound; if you bang a small oblong drum you will get still another sound. 如你打一大圓鼓你將聽到一個...02-24 23:28:14 補充: The size and shape of the vessel containing the air that is...