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  1. get a grip on

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    • 英文 get a grip on

      原來get a grip的意思是握緊,現在則引申為掌握或掌控的意思。 get a grip 還有另一層意思..., keep your short on, young man. It's not worth to blow top. Get a grip. get/take a grip (on yourself) 使(自己)鎮定下來;控制住(自己的...

    • get a grip可以翻意為幫幫忙吧?

      翻译如下: Get a grip ”on yourself“ 意思是指 to make an effort to control your ...

    • hold on to the handle 是什麼意思呢?

      Get a grip is correct. But it means more than physical grip such as grip onto something on a bus or subway. It also could mean get a grip on your life, meaning face your life's reality and do something about it.