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  1. get someone down

    • ph.
      depress or demoralize someone
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    • ph.
      depress or demoralize someone

    Oxford Dictionary

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    • 請翻譯GET DOWN

      ... to get down the license plate number of the car. 2. [transitive] get someone down to make someone feel sad or lose hope:(讓某人感到沮喪) 例子:Doing the same thing...

    • get down someone's neck的意思

      版主看到的應是breathe down someone's neck 1. Pursue someone closely; pose a threat to one, as in The... necks. [Mid-1900s]從上可看"'breathe down someone's neck" 就是"把某人盯...

    • get to someone 的用法跟例句

      ... to get to someone else? What's the meaning of 'to get to someone'? 'I've tracked down rapists, killers, even former military, but a structural engineer from ...