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  1. get something going

    • ph.
      succeed in starting a machine, vehicle, process, etc.
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    • 為什麼是 I got to go

      ...得到的 所以用過去式 ex: i got something to do 我有事情要做, ( 之前有人交代你事情了) ex: i got the money 我有錢 ( 之前別人給你或者你之前去領) ex: i got to go = 我該走了 ( 表示已經有事情要做所以...

    • 不懂的英文句子請幫我翻成中文意思

      ...keep staying in the same field and going forward. 維持, 保持向前 7.take something lightly = pass over, pay no attention to 不要太 differ = to disagree with someone. 反對 10.get something across/off/through/into someone&#039...

    • 英文-怎解讀??

      ...呢? 我可以請二小時的假去找你~ I just remembered that I got something going on Friday at 7pm. Can we do this earlier?, I can take...