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    • 英文問卷(續)~~英翻中

      ...不出其他時間去做其它事,例如給人修髮.... 12. If I see a chance to get something I want,I move in on it right away. 如果有機會得到我要的東西,我會立刻行動 13. I feel...

    • 請問以下句子該怎麼翻成英文???<有點急哦>

      ... my touch (catching on to the feeling). If I get lucky, I will capture something moving (or something that moves/touches one's heart). 3. We ...

    • easier,sooner,quicker,faster用法

      ...expect Wendy to be here so soon.) Quicker: it means promptness or getting something done within a short time frame. (For example, she is always quick to...