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    • 英文:get後的動詞型態

      ...last night.(get非使役動詞;但受詞補語在邏輯上的受詞也是句子的受詞) 3. to get something doing something She worked all afternoon on the car but never get it running.(get為使役動詞;當受詞補語...

    • get是否為使役動詞 急>>急

      ...cut. to get something doing: Hal managed to get my email working again. to get somebody to do something: She couldn't get them to understnad what she was saying...

    • 英文聽力~~幫我聽出內容~~~20點!!!!

      ...change jobs. the thing i really like about my job, is each month i'm working on something completely different so it never gets boring. 2. i have my own design company. its very small, just ...