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    • 急!請幫我翻譯一段簡易的英文租賃合約

      ... on _____. Landlord may raise this rent amount by giving Tenant forty−five (45) days advance notice of the rent increase. Tenant shall have fifteen (15) days time in...

    • 麻煩各位幫忙翻譯這幾段文章 英翻中

      ... must include the choice of either refund of your ticket or alternative transport to for denied boarding,unless it gives you sufficient advance notice. You shall be informed about alternative...

    • 請幫我翻譯一段要在影片中公告的中文

      ...第三季的上傳 Regarding the uploading of the third quarter 90210 內容 content:嗨! 各位...有些事情想先跟大家預告一下 I would like to give you an advance notice on things to come 預計在未來的第三季我...