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    • Proleukin treatment

      你是要翻譯嗎?? 翻國語嗎?? 如果是的話 翻譯 底加!! 哪一間醫院有這種治療? 這樣吧 ^︿^ 2008-03-06 04:47:12 補充: 我喜歡知道哪家醫院做這。我犯一個錯誤安置這裡但希望某人可能好心顯示我怎麼腎臟清楚的癌被對待在臺灣。我得到了它我自己和喜歡去臺灣對待它 你的...

    • back track用在這邊是甚麼意思??

      ...句話的翻譯為 The premier conceded that it wasn't a fair policy to give such preferential treatment to foreign componies so they government thought it right to back-track...

    • 英文講稿(急)give a hand to the disa

      ...transportation. They might even require the medical treatment which is not common to us. For example, wheelchairs...individual with disabled. Therefore, give them (the disabled who ...