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    hold tight onto oneself

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    • 請幫忙翻譯一下 急!

      ...我歡笑 Till the end of the time 直至時光停頓 Hold me up Hold me tight 抱起我 抱緊我 Lift me up to touch the sky 讓我能摸倒天空...

    • tight和tightly的用法

      ...sit等動詞一起用 For example: 1. The door is closed tight. 2. Hold me tender. Hold me tight. (在一首英文歌中, 曾用過) ...

    • 這句英文這樣對嗎?

      ...when I see you 或 when I meet you 可行嗎? yes 6. I'll hold you tight when I see you in heaven 可以嗎? yes. I will hold you tight and never...