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    • 我想請問這樣的英文句子是對的嗎?

      ...說 I am so disappointed to you.... disappointed in you (inside: your character) disappointed with you (outside: your actions) disappointed at you (point in space...

    • About earthquake in China

      關於中國地震 中華人民共和國政府拒絕其他國家協助救災式一件愚蠢的事 然而,從另一方面來說,我國政府擬捐款襄助賑災二十億元未受到中國政府感謝, 也稱得上是笨

    • 全形、半形的英文翻譯 Taiwan and Hong Kong: 全形; elsewhere: 全角) and halfwidth (in Taiwan and Hong Kong: 半形; elsewhere: 半角) characters. With fixed-width fonts (now called bi-width by Westerners...