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    • 翻譯紐約時報2011/03/07的新聞 英翻中

      ...foreign reporters are being tracked and detained in the same manner — though hardly as roughly — as political dissidents. 西方國家的新聞記者在近期終於勉強的...

    • 一段醫學原文翻譯

      ...收縮)瞳孔徑為6.0 mm. The ICP monitor was inserted in the same manner as previously described. 顱內壓監測器採如前述方式置入 Left craniectomy...

    • 連接上文的翻譯 自行翻譯 請教高手

      ...應該是那個微波烤箱的牌子) It was tested in the same manner as the freshly prepared pancake. 新鮮製造的煎餅也是以同樣的方式來測試...