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    • 翻譯 There is nothing in the... more suitable for women...適合女性來從事 there is nothing in the intrinsic nature of the work沒有什麼比這工作內在的本質 先翻work 再翻 in the intrinsic nature...

    • persay是什麼意思呢

      I think what you meant was 'per se'. It's Latin for 'by itself', meaning 'intrinsically' or 'essentially' or 'with respect to its intrinsic nature', 就本身而言 or 本質上.

    • 請幫忙把中文翻譯成英文〈勿用翻譯軟體〉20點!

      ...have good one side, but also can have the stain, this is a human nature! Also has in guards time own authority also must...loss by the for a while external pseudomorph, but concludes a person intrinsic and the value.