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  1. keep ... away from

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    • 1. (使某人或某事物)不靠近某人或某事物 Police warned bystanders to keep away from the blazing building. 警察告誡圍觀者, 不要靠近燃燒著的建築物。 Her illness kept her away from work for several weeks. 她因病數週未上班。
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    • keep away 的正確用法

      ...keep是不完全不及物動詞(連繫動詞),接副詞away當主詞補語。 You should keep away from fried foods. 這裡的keep也是不完全不及物動詞。加上介系詞後才能...

    • 急用~請求英文達人幫忙翻譯~

      ...carbonate of it.therefore ,while we put on the pearl ,make sure to keep it away from the skin in order not to damage it. if vinegar is...1846, an englishman brought two snails from Egypt.he pasted them firmly on...

    • 不要靠近是Don't get close to it??

      Keep away from xxx. 2011-11-21 14:27:44 補充: 如果一定要用close,你的兩句都合語法要求...