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    • [英文]求電機配線相關英文翻譯

      標籤(標示)是最大的問題來源。物件名稱(reference designator,由英文字母和數字組成的名稱)同時也是部件名稱。這個編號應該在圖表中用來幫助問題解決與組合過程。所有的接頭(lug),轉接器(connector)以及配線(breakout)都要有物件名稱。

    • 逆流跟橫流的英文翻譯(急)

      ...39;s counterflow cooling towers offer a number of advantages over comparably sized crossflow.... pumping head horsepower-A large part of cooling tower operating costs...

    • 英文解釋 敬請幫忙.....10點

      ... through case study analysis conducted in a number of hotels. Each of the hotels was part of either a large (top ten) UK hotel chain or an international hotel chain. 第二階段...