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    • 創作英文故事..幫幫忙

      ... late for work, and it was really let my boss down and pissed him off. Why was I late for out of 5. cut off 6. find out 7. let someone down 2007-08-04 16:07:42 補充: 抱歉&hellip...

    • boo 噓聲 動詞用法

      ...球場看臺>. 動詞:booed the singer off the stage.也就是你說的boo someone off The crowd booed ...我猜你有可能指: *take a crap 上個大號 *Let's grab a sandwich before going to the...

    • 麻煩那位英文高手幫我翻譯這篇文章(英翻中)急~急~急~~~

      ...地震 So Paul's parents let his cradle float just off the shore. 所以保羅的父母就讓他的搖籃浮在岸...波浪會淹沒整個城鎮 The only place for someone Plaus (這我沒辦法) size was in...