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  1. in someone's line of country

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    • 幫我把這段文章翻成英文

      The people country changes restyling the branch line of power in the east from the iron of the stand to length on...enrich offer.There are facilities of the lighting at nighttime, and the purpose of it...

    • 什麼是pay-as-you go pension?

      pay-as-you-go 這個詞的意思簡單來說是,  1. [美] 按時付帳單,帳單到期即付  2. 領到工資即付所得稅 一些使用上的例子可以參考狗仔隊-使用付費(Pay As You Go) - 2009.01.02 而用在 pension 上頭,則可稱為隨收隨付制,係為單純地直接將所收取當期的資金付與...

    • 請將這段股市專業中文翻譯成英文~~~

      應該是這樣 In advanced country of securities market Shang, technology analysis still line of years, main because investment people think some yet public of important ...