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  1. lion's share

    • ph.
      比較多的部分, 或最大部分
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    • 1. 比較多的部分, 或最大部分 David got the lion's share of the family's property because he is most be loved by his father. 大衛得到家中大部分財產因為他最受到父親的寵愛。 Although every member of the team should share the responsibility for losing the game, but the lion's share goes to the coach because he made lots of wrong decisions. 雖然隊上每一個人都應為輸了比賽而負責, 但是教練要負最大的責任, 因為他做了許多錯誤的決定。
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      最大(或最好)的一份 As usual, the lion's share of the budget is for defence. 預算中的最大一項照例是國防費用。
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      ...=3&searchterms=)The Lion's Share The Lion went once a...是獵物,戰利品!所以英文才會有have/get the lion's share (享有最大的好處/份量等) 這個片語!

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      ...中的)零分,鴨蛋 7.a dark horse 深藏不漏的人、出人意料的獲勝者;黑馬 8.lions share 最大份額,最佳份額 9.a snake (in the grass) 陰險的人;潛伏的敵人;虛假...

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      1.抓狂,發怒 If you keep annoying me, I am about to blow my top. 2.閉嘴 3.大部分 You have the lion's share of the profit. Why are you still not satisfied?