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    • 有關Sleep的作文修改,多謝。

      ...influence our sleep. On the contrary, we can drink lukewarm milk or water which can help our sleep well before you sleep...also important that you keep in mind that you should not think about anything and do not put your cell phone next your...

    • 請幫我中翻英泡茶的方式 請不要使用翻譯軟體

      ..., put in the cup and add hot water. Soak only for about 1~3 minute otherwise it will taste too strong. 2.如果泡太久覺得... too long it will taste too bitter but it can be dilute with lukewarm water to dilute and maintain it fragrance.

    • 英翻中 要能明確明白涵義 我不要網路翻的 希望有人幫我翻

      Forecasting has never been more important—or harder. 預測從來不曾如此重要..或困難 客戶缺乏忠誠度而全球競爭加劇,使銷售走向更難預測。再加上產品、銷售和代理的管道都劇增,然產品週期卻變短 於是某些公司被迫採用新方式來預測及計畫。連結...