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    make a good beginning

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    • 請問英文高手這句的翻譯

      make a dent - 1. 進展 / 2. 了解 此處為「進展」 ☆They have begun making a dent in the 1700 kegs of beer. -他們開始準備喝光那1700桶啤酒。 2009-03...

    • 惡有惡報英文怎麼說?

      不是喔~他語出一位古希臘悲劇作家"A bad beginning makes a bad ending."  --  Euripides 是說 "不好的開端,終究會...

    • How to make a kite

      ...with your strong will and unchanged resolute to find the way of how to make a kite at the beginning of the summer vacation. Besides, you should start your work with frequent...