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    make a carbon of

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    • 基測初級文法演練解析

      ...記得她的名字 c.她甚至不記得她的名字 58.Coal is made up ______ of carbon, too.a.mostly b.most c.moremostly 大部分地 59.Jane behaved

    • 徵求翻譯高手----提供20點

      ...多方努力下,朝永續經營的長遠目標邁進。 In addition, as part of the earth, make a reduction of carbons as the supreme guilding principle with energy-conservation on one hand, on the other hand the...

    • 英文翻譯......關於全球暖化

      (6)Carbon 二氧化物是唯一大氣(0.038% 的) 非常小百分比並且人只貢獻總二氧化碳排放的一...