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    • Resources of Canada Iron ore

      Draw a picture of what your natural resource looks like. 請試著畫出國家... three uses for your natural resource (what can be made from your natural resource?) 列出三位使用國家天然資源的使用者...

    • 請問一些英文文法的問題~

      ...翻譯為:未來到波士頓的觀光客將會因為市中心高速公路的工程而感到不便。 2. Drawing is the act of making a design or image to use a line or tone on any suitable surface. 這一題是 to use 錯...

    • 英翻中 原文一小段

      ... picture finished? Take a look and make sure it’s just as you would like it to...: Ears! ﹝He draws triangles(sort of) on top of the head. He then wants...