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    • 以下單字有何差別?

      ...計畫顯得吸引人。) ● proposal → [C,U] proposal (for sth) / proposal (to do sth) / proposal (that ...) a formal suggestion or plan; the act of making a suggestion 提議;建議;動議 例: 1. to submit/consider/accept/reject a proposal...

    • 國際關係ENGLISH

      ...子句,主要主句沒寫出來。 When,for instance,one government initiates a proposal with its neighbor to make certain frontier adjustments in its favor and the neighbor insists...

    • 英文有個題目想請敎

      ... =延長(被動) 不適合本題上下文邏輯 An extension is a new room or building which is added to an existing building or group of building. 名詞extension,表示...