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    • 請幫我翻譯這一小段英文!!THX!

      默認︰ 如果賣方變得破產或者為了債權人的利益做一項任務, 或者, 如果將有,透過賣方或者設立在任何破產下的任何進行, 改編, 安排, 欠債的重新調整或者任何的破產法律 接收者或者受托人的或者為任命的審判權關於任何Seller s 財產和這樣的進行沒被開除或者在60天內...

    • 英文需要大家幫幫忙有關合約的

      ...if one party ceases to do business, becomes insolvent, has a receiver, manager, administrator or administrative receiver...action in consequence of debt or an order or resolution is made for its dissolution or liquidation (other than for the purpose...

    • 請問這篇內容主要是在說什麼呢?

      When a bank is in trouble, it is like a vegetable going bad. If you remove the bad parts of vegetable, you can still sell the good ones left. The same concept can be applied to banks. If you ask the banks to sell their...