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    make the first move towards

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    • Can’t make .........是什麼意思

      first move 不能只翻做第一步啦 ~"~ 因為 兩人之間 不管主動方或是被動方都有第一步 first move 應該是專指 兩人之間 先出手的傢伙的第一個動作 整個句子的重點 與其說...

    • ”含著眼淚告白”這句話要怎麼翻成英文啊?

      ... would be alarmed and intimidated if any gals made the first move. But when guys move the first move, gals feel ...

    • your current crush是什麼意思? any rate是無論如何的意思,speak up=說出來 5.Time to take the initiative=make the first move,就是主動的意思 6.What it does mean, however, is that you needn...