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    noise abroad

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    • ph.
      張揚某事 It is being noised abroad that he has been arrested. 他被捕的事已滿城風雨。
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    • 急!音文單字看不懂

      ...][U] vt. (及物動詞 transitive verb) 1. 紛紛傳說;謠傳[H][(+about/abroad/around)] It was noised about that the foreign minister intended to resign. 外界傳說外交部長打算辭職...

    • 簡單英文對話~急用 find a part time job. 4. Advice for travel abroad A: Please be sure to prepare ahead of time... my neighbors still make loud noises after midnight, and think I should talk to them...

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      ...passport is a government to be carried by a traveler abroad. -護照就像是旅客在海外必須隨身攜帶的政府. People...蜂炮)同時施放. making lits lots of noise and light. -(煙火/蜂炮)產生了許多的嘈雜聲和炫麗的聲光...