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    • 什麼是my hair is on its last legs

      on its last legs ” “ 苟延殘喘,來日無多,強弩之末,回天乏術...though. Let's just say my hair is on its last legs. So i go for the jason statham look now haha &rdquo...

    • 請教英文高手,我有英文問題~

      ...,it's difficult to know whether a copy machine is on its last legs or if "its" got a couple months left in it...

    • TOEIC的英文... 請各位大大幫我翻譯一下

      ... need to have a spare copier since the only one that is functional is on its last leg. 我們要多一台備用的影印機因現在惟一可用的那台也快報銷了 2008-09-09...