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    • 關於own的用法

      The witch who always has a grin owns the apartment in which Matt left his hat. 上面...這間Matt把帽子留在裡面的公寓。" 至於您對own的用法基本上是沒有錯的,不過第二個當形容詞的用法...

    • own my跟my own的差異

      "own my house", where "own" is a verb, it means "possess... translate, it means "擁有我的房子" "my own house", where "own" is an adjective, it means "belong to...

    • 請問own的用法

      請問 for her own 各代表什麼意思要如何使用? She is doing it for her... at her own expense. 她自己花錢(沒報銷)去台北. of her own She did it of her own accord. 她自願做的. with her...