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  1. play for time

    • ph.
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    • ph.


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    • 八年級英語

      ...without合併句子) They didn't take a break. . 要敎我喔 ! 1 They played on the computer for long time .. and didn't take a break. 2 without 介係詞 無, 沒有, 不 3 They...

    • Time forTime to

      ...for 是介係詞 後面要+受格(名詞) 所以動詞+ing就可以當名詞使用 叫動名詞. time for+playing (動名詞) to 在這裡不是介係詞 是不定詞 (to+V原形) 因此 打棒球時間...

    • 英翻英~!!!!急急急~十分火急 for time 拖延時間= to put off;to linger;to delay都是拖延的意思 2.come to the point 直截...