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  1. press around

    • ph.
      (指人們)擠著, 圍著
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    • 1. (指人們)擠著, 圍著 The people pressed round the royal visitors. 人們把那些王室貴賓團團圍住。
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    • 請問around the edge?

      ...是就跳到本節第13點,如果不是就跳到本節第18點) 2006-03-18 08:54:07 補充: around the edge 沿著邊緣

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      ... on spreading, and then cover another crisp cover, want the aline. 3. Press around the crisp and leather one with the fork, make it closer, present lace. 4. ...

    • 什麼是pressed into service?

      ... the growth of China ’s presence in its backyard, in and around the Indian Ocean . In both countries Mahan is pressed into service in one planning paper after the next. 對中國的戰略企劃家來說...