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    put sb in jail

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    • jail可不可以用複數?

      ...事實上兩者皆可! (單數)原因:you are talking about the idea of putting people in jail. 因為你正在說一件將人送進監牢的想法 (複數)原因:because u are...

    • 急)英文文章翻譯... 20點 do a bad thing. not a very bad thing, but a policeman is going to put him in jail for three months for this thing. 他打算做件壞事,不是非常壞的事, 但是...

    • 時態題目(內詳)

      ...語氣的基本原則: 1. 講事實: 用現在式+現在式 If you do something bad, they put you in jail. 2. 講條件: 用現在式+未來式 If it rains, we will stay at home. 3...