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  1. put one's shoulder to the wheel

    • ph.
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    • 1. 努力工作 Come on, everyone, put your shoulders to the wheel -- we've got a lot to do. 快, 各位, 加把勁--我們有很多事情要做。
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    • ph.


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    • shoulder-to-the-wheel?什麼意思

      put one's shoulder to the wheel Work hard, make a strenuous effort, as in We'll have to put our... bogged down, has been used figuratively since the late 1700s.意思是很認真工作...就是用肩膀推著輪子走..

    • wonderful trip

      ... like a slick dude with his shoulder length hair and we were off to the Dalian High Tech area...wasn't exaggerating. By putting a large chunk of China's elite...