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    • (英文) 一些文法問題

      The meeting has been going on for two hours, but they still have not reached an agreement. 』 問題: 可否將後段改為 but they still have not reaching an agreement...

    • 翻譯以下英文文句

      The two emperor were at war 兩位帝王在交戰 because they could not reach an agreement 因為他們不能達成共識 on whether to break eggs at the larger or the smaller end. 要在大的那頭還是小的那頭敲破蛋殼

    • agreement的涵義?

      用permission 比較好 或者是....... without his approval. 在你所舉的例子裡,沒有人在使用agreement。 以上 2006-11-14 22:15:38 補充: commitment 有承諾的意思,一樣是不適當。例如我對工作或公司或家庭的承諾就可用commitment。