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    • 求翻譯root five(新星神话&Break It out

      Break it out! 作詞、作曲:前山田健一 5 4 3 2 1 Break it Out...好多 (Yeah!) 只要有聲音 就要繼續歌唱 Break it Out! 打破牆壁 向前進 We can say! “Never Never...

    • 關於英文解說與翻譯

      ...這種方法吧。 I think the jealousy of men can be so intense that they root out anyone with overwhelming power or even kill a friend. Brutus, ...

    • 兩題英文介係詞問題

      ...among children | this pronunciation is not popular among the general public | rooting out abuses among the clergy.• involving most or all members of...