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    • 能不能給我例句?

      ...新英格蘭鄉下的方言。 池塘 pond He likes to run around the pond. His house is by the pond 戴上...serious delays of all incoming flights. 向岸 ashore He was rowing the boat ashore. The...

    • 把故事翻譯成英文 不用太過繁複的單字 淺顯易懂就可以

      ...amp;rsquo;t find him. After he went ashore, he found out that his brother’s... were lots of people on the plaza, and he ran into the crowds, too. 7. When he ran...

    • 英文翻譯 鐵人三項

      ...location holds. Athlete after coming ashore, must carry on the bicycle competition, the distance is 40...competition is ten kilometers roads runs, this time contestant's physical strength usual largely slid...