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    sow the seeds of

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    • 請問以下英文慣用語是什麼意思 我不太懂 謝謝;陷於困境,瀕臨崩潰 2010-08-31 18:15:21 補充: 6.sowed the seed sow the seeds of something * to start the process that leads to a particular situation or result 中文...

    • seed drill change the world? You know what ! JethroTull's seed drill would sow seed in uniform rows repeatedly . instead of the wasteful method of scattering seeds by hand .By the way , ...

    • 十萬火急!徵求英文高手XD

      ...secret gardens, helping them, caring for them and sowing the seed of hope, 2008-01-06 17:47:48 補充: I believe those who have sealed ...